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Why does my business need a website?

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What do you do next?

Your business is online. You have a Google places page and are listed. Why do you need to go the extra step and create a website?


Think about it like this. Lets say you move to a new town. You sit down at your computer and look for a hair salon. You go to Google and type in “Hair Salon” or maybe just “Salon”. Google uses your connection and determines you are using a provider in a specific town (Geo-location services) and returns results for that area. Not what you want? Add a City and State or zip code to your search. The results are then presented to you with a map and a list of places.

Some of the Salons have a website and others just have a Google places page. You are looking for a salon that provides a specific service. You visit each salon website, check out reviews and ask around before deciding on which one to try. Maybe there is a special that entices you.

The point is, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., provide the minimum amount of information about your business. Your customers have questions. They want more information. You need a website to provide that. Think of your website as your best sales person available 24 hours a day. This sales person should be able to answer your customer’s questions and convince them that you are they person they should do business with.

Start by breaking your business down to its simplest parts and answer these basic questions.

  • What problems or needs can you help your customers with?
  • What services or products do you offer?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?
  • Why should clients choose you?

Then, put together information about you or your company.  Explain how you got to where you are and what makes you different. Sometimes it’s easier just to jot down notes and expand on them later. You don’t need to create your masterpiece now. That will come with time.

Next, Try and gather some testimonials. One of the best ways to do this is direct your customers to your Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, etc. page to leave a comment. Then ask them if you can use it on your website. However, while some of them may have the best of intentions, remembering to do this is easier said than done. Ask them to write a quick review for you while they are still there or send them an email asking for feedback.

Compile a list of Frequently asked questions. Play both roles. Pose the question and then answer it. Having the question and the answer is going to help your website be found if someone search on that particular phrase.

Finally, sit down and prepare your material. Look at other websites, think about your layout, what images  you may want to use and what colors. Try and put together a rough design of how your visitors will navigate through your site. Remember people have little patience. Try to get them were they are going quick.

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