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Should you share knowledge of your trade?

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There are 2 reasons I choose to share my knowledge

Giving Away Trade Secrets

  1. To build my authority.
  2. To drive more traffic to my website.

My “Trade Secrets” as I call them are not really secrets at all. With all the information available on the internet these days, a little searching will find everything I talk about.

The difference is I intend to pull it all together and provide a structured use for it.

In doing this I create more keywords and phrases that can be logged by search engines to drive visitors to my site and with more visitors I strengthen my authority making it more likely my website will show in the top results.

If I give away all this information why would anyone need my services?

The vast majority of the visitors to my site are going to be the type that like to  “do-it-yourself”. These people are more than welcome to visit my website and gather all the information they need. While I give away information to them they build authority for me.

Occasionally one of these visitors might turn into a customer. Something I talk about may be of interest to them but just outside of their comfort level to deal with. In this case, by providing free information I have gained a customer.

The remainder of the visitors will be looking for someone to handle these tasks for them. The increased traffic, improved rankings and strengthened authority combined with site content will hopefully convince them that I am the person to help them.

So, while your immediate question may be “Why do I want to give away my knowledge ?”, the fact is that it is already being given away. The question you should be asking is “How do I share my knowledge and get visitors to my website ?”.

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