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Your business needs a website, and you don’t want to spend a fortune. How do you get a professional-looking site that’s easily found by your target audience, without breaking your budget?

Save Time and Money with a Customized Web Template
I’ve learned that the most cost-effective way for small to mid-size businesses to look smart online is to build a site using customized web templates.

Most websites are composed of a few common layouts. They vary in use of color, images, type styles, placement of navigation, use of text and white space. But the most effective sites are based on templates that incorporate basic design principles of how we read websites—what draws our eye, how we skim, how we think through the logic of the search process.

Get a Professional, Unique Website that Showcases Your Brand
So, why reinvent the wheel? Using a variety of free or budget-friendly template resources, I work with you to identify an excellent design that closely resembles the site you have in mind. I’ll then pull the template apart and customize it to your specifications. This saves hours of coding—plus thousands of your hard-earned dollars—and you end up with an affordable, professional, custom site!

But my services don’t stop there. Insight Dezign is your one-stop service to get your website IN SIGHT:

[spoiler title=”WordPress Set-up and Customization”]
I favor WordPress templates as a starting point for custom sites because they are based on free, open-source code and are Google-search-friendly. However, I can also provide you with a variety of modestly-priced templates to choose from as the basis for your professional site.

Among my WordPress services:

  • WordPress child theme set-up and configuration
  • Customized WordPress child theme template, modified to your specifications
  • Original WordPress child theme, built from scratch
  • Installation and configuration of WordPress Plug-ins
  • Customized WordPress e-commerce solutions

Pricing: A basic WordPress installation and configuration costs $100. Site build for a customized template typically ranges from $500 to $1500, depending on the complexity of website functionality and number of pages.


[spoiler title=”Mobile Website Development”]
Mobile Internet search, using smart phones and tablets, is growing rapidly and is expected to surpass desktop and laptop computer search in the U.S. within a few years. So it’s a smart investment to be sure your website can be easily viewed and read on any mobile device. I can program your site in multiple versions—for desktop/laptop viewing, smart phone and tablet—or, for greatest efficiency, as a mobile-responsive site that reformats automatically to fit a smaller screen.

Pricing: My fee for creating your mobile site depends on complexity of the website. Please contact me for a free half-hour consultation to determine the scope and price of your project.

[spoiler title=”Custom Small Business Website Design and Development”]
If you are looking for a totally original look, I build custom sites from the ground up and am pleased to work with your graphic designer to realize your vision.

My web development services include:

  • HTML/CSS coding to create your customized layout
  • MySQL Database set-up and configuration
  • PHP Coding to integrate HTML and MySQL database or add dynamic functionality
  • JQuery/Javascript installation, configuration and code modification
  • Page layout best practices for ease of navigation and reading content

Pricing: My fee for completely customized sites depends on complexity of the website. Please contact me for a free half-hour consultation to determine the scope and price of your project.

[spoiler title=”Affordable, Reliable, Green-Certified Web Hosting”]
I provide secure, green-certified web hosting on a shared server with enough space and memory for each client. Unlike most large commercial hosting services, I know all of my clients, provide regular site back-ups and monitor your site to eliminate risks of spam and other unwanted traffic. 

  • Secure, shared server
  • Hosting company provides 300 percent wind credits to offset their carbon footprint
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Ample space and memory for small to mid-sized businesses
  • No risk of spam, porn or other Internet trespassers
  • Regular site back-ups
  • 24/7 emergency service

Pricing: $10/month or $100 annual fee

[spoiler title=”User-friendly Content Management Systems”]
If you have an existing site, but you can’t modify the content without calling a web developer to make the change, I can fix that and save you expensive hourly developer fees by adding a basic content management system (CMS).

I install a user-friendly CMS editor to the back-end of your site that enables you to make your own text changes without worrying about destroying your site’s layout. You’ll be able to preview any changes that you make before publishing to your site.

Pricing: $5/month or $50 annual fee

[spoiler title=”Social Media Set-up and Training for Individuals and Small Businesses”]
Getting started with social media can be overwhelming. I’ll help you to set up your social media presence and teach you how to use these powerful networking tools to grow your business. 

  • Set-up, design and configuration of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn sites to coordinate with your website branding
  • Training you or your staff to effectively use social media for marketing outreach
  • Automated social media distribution
  • Consulting packages for advanced training

Pricing: Basic social media set-up and configuration starts at $75. Training packages typically range from $250 to $500, and are customized to meet your needs.

[spoiler title=”Consultations for Compelling, Search-optimized Web Content”]
It’s essential to have a professional-looking site. But your investment won’t add up to much if no-one can find your site, or if, once they do, they don’t stay long because your content isn’t working for you.

Teaming with Evelyn Herwitz, a professional writer and seasoned marketing consultant who is principal of Herwitz Associates, I can offer you a range of options to make sure your target customers find you and stick around to become paying customers. Here’s an overview of services and pricing through Herwitz Associates:

  • Editorial content review and suggested revisions—Comprehensive copyedit of your content with detailed recommendations for clear prose, web-friendly formatting and effective messaging.
    • Your choice of any three pages (500 words or less): $495 (additional pages @$125)
    • Homepage only: $175
  • Keyword research—Customized list of keywords and recommendations for integrating keywords into your content through headlines, subheads and branded urls: $250.
  • Content marketing strategy—Personal consult, in person or via phone or Skype, to discuss your marketing goals and develop effective messaging and strategy for your website: $475 for 4-hour consulting package.

[spoiler title=”Help with Email Set-up, Domain Registration and More”]
When you need help with the small stuff, I provide affordable consultation packages to get you up and running:

  • Email set-up
  • Domain registration
  • Website forms
  • Site migration from old server to new
  • Email templates
  • Basic graphic design services, including logos, business cards and ads
  • Website consultation
  • Website training

Pricing: Every project is unique. I strive to keep my pricing reasonable and my use of time efficient. Please contact me for a free half-hour consult to determine the scope of your project and pricing.


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