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Create a Facebook page without a personal Facebook account

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UPDATE: It seems that Facebook has changed this. You can no longer create a Facebook account without a personal profile. However, you can still make your “New” (hint hint) profile completely private and essentially invisible through privacy settings.

These days it’s important to manage your online business presence. What presence you ask? If you’re a traditional bricks and mortar business and you are listed in the yellow pages, chances are you have a presence on the internet. There is a good chance you have a page on Facebook as well. Data is shared on the internet and the search engine, Bing shares their business listings with Facebook. People may already be liking and commenting on your business.

When I’m working on a website for a client I also ask them if they have a Facebook page. I am almost always met with the question, “Don’t you have to have a Facebook account to do that?”. The answer is no. If you are reluctant to put your personal information on Facebook, create a Facebook page for your business without a personal account by following these instructions.

  1. Start by going to
  2. On the welcome screen below the sign up box is an area to “Create a Page
    Facebook Create a Page
  3. In the next step you need to select the type of page you would like to create and fill out the information. Select the type closest to your business but don’t worry, you can change it later.
    Facebook Page Type
  4. After clicking “Get Started” you will be asked to enter a small amount of personal information then hit “Sign Up Now“. This is not creating a personal account for you.
    Create Facebook Account
  5. Finally, check your email to confirm your new account. Facebook will walk you through the additional steps to customize your page.


For more thorough instruction and tips on using Facebook to market your business, contact Ed Booth.

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