My name is Ed Booth. I’ve been designing websites since 1996, and I know small business from the inside out.

Let me explain…

I grew up in a house full of electronics—not just televisions, radios, and household appliances, but also computers, electronic parts and soldering irons. My dad is an electronics engineer, and he taught me how to create crystal radios, special LED lights for my pinewood derby cars and Halloween costumes that lit up and made noises.

Building My First Computer

In the early ’90s, a friend and I gathered some parts lying around the house and built a PC. He showed me how to connect to the Internet using Compuserve and then TIAC. I suffered through the 14.4kb and 28.8kb modem days and grabbed hold of cable the first chance I got, all the while devouring anything I could learn about the Internet and imagining what it could become.

In 1996 I purchased my first domain name. The community I lived in was a little behind the times as other towns created an online presence. So I purchased and created a portal for information about our town and surrounding communities. That led to a few small websites for local businesses and a site for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

Running a Gas Station and Opening a Deli

I loved creating websites, but I needed to make a living. My part-time job working evenings at a gas station grew into a position as full-time manager. In 1999, the owner sold me the business. That kept me pretty busy for the next nine years, but I still followed developments on the Internet; I designed a site for my gas station and experimented with online marketing to my customers. The former station owner and I also started a deli a couple of years after I bought the gas station franchise, and I created a website for our business—a rare Internet presence back then, when only the large budget food chains had sites.

Ultimately, the deli didn’t work out, and by 2008 I also realized that I needed to move on and sell my gas station business. Leaving the customers I had grown to know and love was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. But I learned a lot from my ventures—about how to run a business, how not to run a business, the importance of customer service and what it takes to promote your business successfully.

Designing Great, Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

In 2010, I decided to put all of my energy, Internet and computer expertise, and knowledge of small businesses into web development, and founded Insight Dezign. My goal is to help small business owners and non-profits create attractive, informative, search-optimized websites that you’ll be proud of and that will bring you more customers—at an affordable price.

No question is too foolish and no project, too complicated. I love to teach and explain how things work, in plain English. I also love a challenge and figuring out an elegant solution to your requests for custom functionality in your site. I try to do everything in my power to make sure you get what exactly what you’re looking for and are fully satisfied. As we work together, I help you to clarify your business and Internet marketing goals, and when we’re finished, I teach you the best way to make the most use of your new website.

My knowledge is deep, I love to listen, and I love to share. Please contact me for a free half-hour website consultation.