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How do I Post a poll on facebook

How do I Post a poll on facebook

Update: Polls or the “Ask a Question” has been removed from facebook. If you would like to post a poll or are looking for additional options you can do so with the following facebook app.


Using facebook as the page you are managing, you will see the area you normally use to update your status.

Click on the “Event, Milestone +” portion and you will see an option to ask a question.

Choosing question, you will then see a box that says “Ask something” and “Add Poll Options”.

Click on “Add Poll Options” and enter your question in the box with your option choices below. You can also choose to allow responders to give their own option.

Post” your poll and let people know about it. Be sure to comment as time goes on to keep it fresh in people’s minds and give it more exposure.

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  1. pomartel

    The Question app is no longer available since Facebook decided to pull the plug on it :

    As a Facebook developer, I made a similar application that lets you create polls with multiple questions and images. You can use the basic version for free here :

    1. Edward Booth

      Thanks pomartel,

      The question app is no longer available for personal accounts. However, you can still post a poll or question on “Groups” and “Pages”. You can find it under “Event, Milestone +” in the status update section.

      Thanks for the link. You app offers a lot of options the standard poll doesn’t and give people the opportunity to post on personal timelines. I’ll add a link in the post.

      1. pomartel

        Thanks for linking my app in your article! You are right about the tool still being available for Pages and Groups. But since they are burying it under the + sign and stopping further developments, I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before they remove it completely. Facebook is changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up to date!

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